👨🏾‍💻 Building my first product for Chrome Store

March 21st, 2022

This idea came to me when I was looking for a way to scratch my itch of building a product to solve my own problems.

Its not unusual for me to have more than 20 tabs open in google chrome in one window session; which leads to a lot of disorganization and confusion when navigating back and forth with my chrome tabs. I always wondered, is there a tab groups chrome extension?

I decided to build a Google Chrome Extension that will improve my overall browsing experience when dealing with multiple tabs. This product will display each tab’s url in a vertical manner; for better visibility , remove selected tab(s) from vertical tabs list , & in the nearest future; be able to categorize each tab based on preference, and add a search bar to quickly browser for urls.

Checkout the extension here


Having a working tab organizer chrome extension in the chrome store for the first time.

Implementing the core functionality; to vertically display chrome tabs in tab organizer chrome browser.


Getting tab images to be displayed - Deprecated Chrome api method for this functionality in V3

Finding a productive way to categorize each tab based on preference.


I’ll like to keep on making improvements on this chrome extension and would be be glad to hear your feedback on what new functionalities or improvements can be made. feel free to reach me here.