🎉 Aspirations for 2021

January 10th, 2021

“Aim higher in case you fall short.”

― Suzanne Collins

Happy new year to everyone! I hope you surpass your aspirations in this new year. 

My pleasure to share my aspirations for the year 2021, both personal and professional. 

Here we go.....

Personal Aspirations

  1. Spend more quality time with loved ones and friends. Deep and personal connections mean a lot to me. 

  2. Keep a consistent workout routine. Gotta stay in shape man!

  3. Blog at least once a month. 

  4. Expand my knowledge of cryptocurrency. 

Professional Aspirations

  1. Help at least four businesses solve problems with my software engineering skills. 

  2. Further, enhance my knowledge of Javascript and Java. 

  3. Practice with my coding skills on a more consistent basis, without distractions. 

  4. Build a project that utilizes blockchain technology. 

  5. Implement effective time management techniques for much more productivity.